Hypertherm edge pro cnc等離子切割機3d cnc路由器機器



型號:GSII-L2060-PMAX-105A等離子電源:Hypertherm Powermax105美國
龍門類型:有效切割面積(長度):1100 X 6100mm
伺服電機:Standard Capacitys With HPR 800 XD關鍵詞:CNC Plasma Cutting Machine 3D


Plasma Cutting Machines has a double side gear drive and it’s designed with strong steel construction for positioning capability at high speeds. You will have a precise cutting ability at X-Y axis with linear guide ways and 30m/min speed. It has ability to maintain constant at the same height and the quality, with the Arc-THC control sensor.

1. Perfect parallel movement:


2. Automatic height positioning:

ACCURL的龍門架可以容納多個工位,如等離子和/或氧氣火炬。包括MicroEDGE Pro CNC控制單元,監控Z軸(通過無刷AC伺服電機),用於在切割過程中自動調整割炬的高度。

在切割過程中,MicroEDGE Pro CNC裝置測量電弧電壓並調整Z軸高度,以保持與板材的恆定距離,以獲得最佳切割效果。

3. Correct cutting height:

每個氧氣 - 燃料火炬載體都有一個用於割炬的自動火焰點火裝置,以及一個集成的電容傳感器“Hypertherm OHC”,用於控制Z軸運動(通過無刷AC伺服電機),以正確設置切割高度。





4. Hypertherm Edge Pro CNC

5. Portal extension

6. Tube Rotator for round pipes 30... 140 mm , Square pipes 20x20mm ... 100x100 mm

7. Movable drawer to collect parts and dross

8. Available with Hypertherm Powermax series, Maxpro200 series and HPRXD series plasma sources

9. True Hole technology (with HPRXD auto gas plasma source)

10. Fume extraction filter


1. Portable monoblock construction with small footprint

2. Easy installation

3. Dual side AC servo Y motorization with direct planetary gear box, helical rack and pinion drive system

4. Precision Linear Rail Guide Ways in X and Y axis

5. High speed torch lifter with automatic arc voltage height control

6. Fully enclosed hose and cable carriers

7. Hypertherm Micro Edge Pro CNC

8. Integrated downdraft table with CNC programmable multi zone selection

9. Integrated dross bins

10. Magnetic Torch anti collision protection system

11. Laser pointer for plate alignment

12. CE safety specifications



1. Technical solution.


3. Cutting samples provided by DHL


4. Supplier will provide detail manual for software, hardware



should send regular his technical staff to Supplier for

technical training.



Ship Building, Construction Equipment, Transport Equipment, Aerospace Industry, Bridge Building, military industrial, wind power, Structural Steel, Boiler containers, Agriculture Machinery, Chassis electrical cabinets, Elevator manufacturers, Textile Machinery, Environmental protection equipment,ect.

Metal Cutting Materials:

All kinds of metal materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel can be processed.

Technical specifications

產品名稱CNC Plasma Cutting Machine 3D
表寬度1600 mm
表長6100 mm
Height Under Torch150 mm
機器寬度2200 min-1
機器長度7420 mm
機器高度1710 mm
表高度800 mm
X軸中風1550 mm
Y軸中風6050 mm
重量4750 kg
Max. Positioning Speed (X-Y)30 m/min

(without Plasma System)

4 kw
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